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EPISD Education Foundation awards $76,000 in scholarships to the Class of 2016

The EPISD Education Foundation this spring awarded the Class of 2016 with 77 scholarships totaling $76,000. The awards also include scholarships sponsored by the Irvin High School Alumni Association and Renaissance Learning. All scholarships are $1,000 with the exception of two $500 scholarships from Renaissance Learning. The company sponsored $5,000 in scholarships for students at Bowie and Jefferson high schools. Board members visited campuses and senior assemblies to surprise recipients with their scholarship award.

“We are pleased to be able to provide more than $76,000 in scholarships to our graduating seniors,” said Foundation Board President Russell Wiggs. “We appreciate the support of the EPISD community, which has made it possible to give our seniors more opportunities to continue their education beyond high school.”

Scholarships provided through the EPISD Education Foundation are made possible through the generous support of corporate donors through the Community Campaign for Excellence, EPISD employees contributing to the Employee Giving Campaign and the participants of foundation events. The Hospitals of Providence, the Community Campaign Honorary Chair for the 2015-16 school year, kicked off the campaign with a $25,000 contribution.

The following students received Foundation scholarships:

Bryn Birdwell, Andress High School
Vanessa Chapman, Coronado High School
Celia Loya, Silva Health Magnet
Audrey Bell, Andress High School
Diana Lara, El Paso High
Alex Kim, Silva Health Magnet
Meagan Smith, Andress High School
Ayla Lopez, Franklin High School
Maria Grajeda Martinez, Silva Health Magnet
Alexis Pacheco, Andress High School
Christian Munoz, Franklin High School
Cameron Esparza, Silva Health Magnet
Suhey Avena, Austin High School
Lauren Blumenfeld, Franklin High School
Abby Blumenfeld, Silva Health Magnet
Amado Quiñonez, Austin High School
Amerika Jayme, Franklin High School
Raquel Lopez, Silva Health Magnet
Karina Diaz, Austin High School
Sebastian Archard, Franklin High School
Michelle Rodriguez Calleros, Silva Health Magnet
Jaime Andrade, Austin High School
Erick Dominguez, Irvin High School
Haziel Rivera, Silva Health Magnet
Jennifer Santoyo, Austin High School
Daniel Bueno Jr., Irvin High School
Roxane Reza, Silva Health Magnet
Jordan Jones, Austin High School
Idaly Sifuentes, Irvin High School
Austyn Alvarez, Silva Health Magnet
Cynthia Gomez, Bowie High School
Isaiah Navarette, Irvin High School
Nydia Pena, Silva Health Magnet
Stephanie Hernandez, Bowie High School
Azsa Marilynn Ruiz, Irvin High School
Guillermo Beckmann, Silva Health Magnet
Marco Martinez, Bowie High School
Juan Hernandez, Jefferson High School
Karyme Flores, Silva Health Magnet
Graciela Lopez-Villa, Bowie High School
April Palomino, Jefferson High School
Felipe Rivera, Silva Health Magnet
Rosa Ramirez, Bowie High School
Erin Portillo, Jefferson High School
Bianca Lopez, Silva Health Magnet
Karen Hernandez, Bowie High School
Luis Arnal Ortiz, Jefferson High School
Chieh-An Chen, Silva Health Magnet
Luisa Herrera, Burges High School
Mario Porras, Jefferson High School
Faith Munoz, Silva Health Magnet
Matthew Salazar, Burges High School
Jacqueline Salas, Jefferson High School
Alonso Monarrez Martinez, Silva Health Magnet
Jonathan Castro, Burges High School
Marlen Negrete, Jefferson High School
Andrika Rodriguez, Silva Health Magnet
Jordan Steyer, Burges High School
Aiyana Ponce, Silva Health Magnet
Jessica Guerra, Silva Health Magnet
Andrew Batts, Chapin High School
Patsy Chaparro, Silva Health Magnet
Jazmine Jacobo, Silva Health Magnet
Diego Contreras, Chapin High School
Brenda Ramirez, Silva Health Magnet
Elisa Arellano, Silva Health Magnet
Angela Ornelas, College Career Technology Academy
Jonathan Ortiz, Silva Health Magnet
Luis Ignacio Mendiola, Silva Health Magnet
Sheel Patel, Coronado High School
Anna Gonzalez, Silva Health Magnet
Vanessa Rico, Transmountain Early College HS
Jung Woo Lee, Coronado High School
Arlene Salazar, Silva Health Magnet
Jaqueline Burnett, Transmountain Early College HS
Haley DuPlessis, Coronado High School
Myriam Martinez, Silva Health Magnet

Created in 1994, the EPISD Education Foundation provides scholarships to graduating seniors and Classroom Impact Grants to teachers to do innovative projects in their classrooms. Scholarships and grants are made possible through the generous support of our corporate donors, Foundation fund-raising events and through the EPISD Employee Giving Campaign. To make a donation, log on to and click on the donate button.